Last Autumn, we have asked you for suggestions for Get Dusty themes for 2020 and have discussed the proposals among the board.

For 2020 we have also introduced a new kind of Free Choice Get Dusty. We are giving you a specific challenge, but you can choose the category (Landscape, portrait/figure, animal or still life/floral).

If you don‘t know what to paint, why not check out the reference photos in our Photo Library? This is a collection of free reference photos from members for members. Or upload some of your photos for the benefit of others.

So here they are; the new Get Dusty challenges!

In the last 6 months of this year we got a lot of new members.

Welcome to the PGE:

Anna Wacker, Pia Serup, Nicola Kimberlin, Monika Stahnke, Jeremy Lee Mun Loong, Phil Jones, Ruth Lingelbach, Anette Müller, Joelle Stordeur, Gudrun Sallaberger- Plakolb, Anne Laure Glaude, Yevgenia Bondareva, Katharina Polgary, Niall O´Neill, Keren Dibbens-Wyatt, Alena Rachinger, Ronald Hoppe, Thea Herzig, Lavinia Ciupitu, Ivana Tekic and Marie-Louise Irbinger.

Happy New Year!

2019 is  over and it is time to choose 'Best of Get Dusty 2019´. All placed entries in the January to November competitions are eligible. Go to the folder 'Best of Get Dusty 2019' and have a look at our 30 beautiful entries. You have until the end of January to choose your favourite. Please post your choice in the forum. The winning entry will be featured on our website and FB page. Happy voting!

Dear members,

another year has gone by, 2020 is nearly with us. Our pastel association has grown steadily since our first international online competition last year. We now have 131 members from Europe, but also from the US, Asia and Australia.

I would like to thank those of you who participated in our member competition, turning the Get Dusty into a show of high quality pastels. I would like to thank Michael Schnitker, our webmaster, who keeps our website up and running despite his own busy schedule. My thanks go to Annika Östman, our treasurer, who deals with all the financial problems of an international non-profit organization.I would like to thank Susan Corcoran for compiling, editing and designing the Scribbler. I would also like to thank my colleagues from the board who are all volunteers and work for PGE in their own free time. Without them, PGE wouldn’t exist. My thanks also go to those of you who, by writing articles or being active in the forum contribute to making PGE a pastel association worth belonging to.

My wish for 2020 is that more of you would consider giving a bit of your time and support the board, or better still, volunteer to become a board member. The next AGM will be in March/April 2020; time enough to think about it.

With my best wishes for a peaceful Hannukah, Christmas and end of the year and all the best for 2020

Dorothea Schulz

PGE chair