The category for this month's Get Dusty is Portrait/Figure, the challenge is painting a person dreaming or sleeping. It can be a full or half figure or a portrait. What we do not want, is the depiction of a dream. That would be a separate challenge and an interesting theme for a future Get Dusty. The competition runs until February 25, every member may enter two paintings.



Margaret Glass is recognized as one of the leading pastellists of today. She is a past Vice-President of La Société des Pastellistes de Françe and a member of the English Pastel Society.

In 1992 she was awarded the title 'Maitre Pastellist' by La Société des Pastellistes de Françe, only the eleventh artist to receive this distinction. In recent years she has also built up a growing reputation as a talented oil painter, able to capture the light with the same facility as in her pastels.

Margaret is a member of the Institute of East Anglian Artists.

"I tend to choose a subject because of the drama of light on it or within it. Whatever the subject matter may be, the light is what interests me. Light has always fascinated me. A landscape transformed by the sunrise, or light reflected on water, inspire me to paint. In my work I want to point to God the creator, and for people to stop and wonder at the beauty all around us.

Last Autumn, we have asked you for suggestions for Get Dusty themes for 2020 and have discussed the proposals among the board.

For 2020 we have also introduced a new kind of Free Choice Get Dusty. We are giving you a specific challenge, but you can choose the category (Landscape, portrait/figure, animal or still life/floral).

If you don‘t know what to paint, why not check out the reference photos in our Photo Library? This is a collection of free reference photos from members for members. Or upload some of your photos for the benefit of others.

So here they are; the new Get Dusty challenges!

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