‘Born in Charente-Maritime where I live, I have been drawing and painting since 1990. After a few years devoted to watercolour, I discovered pastel in 1997. This encounter was a revelation. Seduced by its delicacy, subtle nuances and velvety touch, I now devote myself exclusively to this technique to paint portraits and scenes of life. The portrait is an adventure. It is a work that is based above all on the observation of the model. Translating an expression, a state of mind, a feeling, giving life to a face are constantly renewed challenges. My art is based on emotion; a face has to touch me to make me want to make a portrait of it. It is this emotion that I try to convey through my pastels. I am often told that my portraits look like me, that they reflect me. I think that when we paint a facial expression, we put a lot of ourself into it and we charge it with our own sensitivity.‘

Before our summer break, it is time for the portrait challenge again! This month, we are looking for a portrait of an old woman. It can be either a head study or head and upper body. No whole figure please, this is a portrait challenge.

Please read the rules before you enter; we do not want to eliminate anyone and we do not always have the time to check the entries and contact you before the end of the competition!

As usual, you may post two entries, deadline is June, 25th.

Should there be any further questions, please post them in the forum.

Looking forward to seeing your paintings!


This month‘s category is ‚Still life‘, the challenge is ‚Clothes and accessories‘ We'd like a still life containing hats, jewels, gloves, shoes, scarves etc with or without a piece or pieces of clothing. No clothed figures, please, this is a still life challenge. For more details on this challenge, visit the forum.

© Jude Tolar PSA

‘Vintage Red Hat II‘




Our guest judge Mike Beeman, PSA has choosen the winner; it is Irina Orlowa with 'Sparrows in the park´. This is a beautiful painting and a worthy winner; congratulations! Irina wins a set of Premium Sanded Pastel Paper from our sponsor UART.

sparrows in the park 20180331 1093315163

In second place is Dorothea Schulz with 'Morning guest`. In third place is Olga Diaz with 'Blue tit`.

morning guest 20180425 1613789099

 blue tit 20180328 1280483080

Category: Animals - Challenge: On the bird table

'A painting of one or more local wild birds that visit our gardens. It’s fine if they are perched on a twig or sitting on the ground; a bird table is not essential for this challenge.'

Please ask yourself if your painting shows the kind of bird you would see in your garden before you enter it. Not any bird painting will do! Entries which do not fit this particular challenge will be deleted after the deadline.