There are still a few days left to enter a painting 'that rocks' into the September 'Get Dusty', so go for it! If you are more of an animal painter then why don't you already start thinking about what to enter into our October competition? The theme is 'Animal', the challenge is 'A visit to the zoo'. What we are looking for is a figure or portrait of an animal you find in zoos. That means, no cats or dogs, and certainly no savannah or rain forest background. We would of course prefer it if you used your own photos. If you use another person's photo, please DO NOT forget to give him or her the credit. Paintings which do not state the author, will be disqualified. Happy painting!


The winner of our summer Get Dusty Competition is:

Lynn Howarth with " Up Periscope!"! Congratulations!

up periscope 20160702 1467099531













Second place goes to Brigitte Courté with "Modi & Blue at the Beach"

Brigitte wins a set of softpastels handmade by our Sponsor Gordan Becin.

Third place is Dolores Saul with "Watching"

modi blue at the beach 20160731 1926898533


 watching 20160730 1202593755









Adrian Giuliani was introduced to soft pastels by Flora Giffuni, the founder of the Pastel Society of America. She had the great fortune of studying with Flora during her teenage years. She loved the immediacy, flexibility and rich, vibrant colors pastels provided. Pastels became her medium.

"Let´s rock - "A rocky landscape or seascape" is the theme for the Get Dusty competition September 2016.

Closing date: 25th September 2016, at 00.00 CET. Every member can upload 2 paintings!

Please remember the rules before you upload.


The winner is Lynn Howarth with "Eck"!

 eck 20160602 2065445665








Congratulations! She wins a set of handmade softpastels by Gordan Becin.

Second place goes to Dorothea Schulz  with " The prospector" and third place go to Lynn Howarth  with " Resting Bitch Face"

the prospector 20160530 1047277757

 resting bitch face 20160612 1586960735