A pastel painter since 1995, Canadian artist Suzanne Godbout combines her own professional career with teaching, demonstrations, conferences, and workshops in order to spread the renaissance of the pastel media, its materials and its techniques. 

Her work has been shown in many exhibitions in America, Europe, Russia and China and has been awarded many prizes. Developing her work from observation, her favorite subjects are still life and landscape. 

President of the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada from 2005 to 2011, she has studied with several great French and American masters. She has exhibited in Giverny, France many time and her work has been featured in Pratique des Arts magazine in 2016.


The February competition will be open from January, 26. The theme is 'Figure/Portrait', the challenge is 'Monochrome'.

This can either be from an old black and white or sepia photograph or from a contemporary photo. We want a monochrome or nearly monochrome painting, using one colour in different values with the possible addition of white and black for the lightest and darkest areas. Remember, the judge will pay close attention to the values for this challenge. Deadline is February, 25.

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2016 is nearly over and it is time to choose 'Best of Get Dusty 2016'. All placed entries in the January to November competitions are eligible. Go to the folder 'Best of Get Dusty 2016' and have a look at our 30 beautiful entries. You have until the end of the year to choose your favourite. Please post your choice in the forum. The winning entry will be featured on our website and FB page. Happy voting!