The PGE Annual General Meeting is coming up. It will be held online on Sunday, March 21, 2021 in a Zoom meeting room. The meeting will start at 6pm GMT/19:00 CET. 

You should have received an invitation email with all the details by now. You can also find the information in the new forum post 'PGE Annual General Meeting 2021' under 'Information from the board' . 



Ruth Mann PGE, our judge for the February Get Dusty Competition has made her decision:

The winner is Jeremy Lee with "Sweet Lullaby" Congratulations! He receives a gift voucher.

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In second place is Tai-Meng Lim with "Playing by the shorein third place is Alena Rachinger with "I´am a tiger".

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‘I returned to Art in 2007 having done little since school many years before. Initially I became interested in portraying animals and have since moved on to human portraits, figurative work, landscape and still life. I find that painting many different subjects keeps me from getting in a rut. I soon discovered that soft pastel was my favourite medium so I use it almost exclusively now. My work is grounded in realism yet I try to put my own stamp on the subjects I choose. I am enchanted by colour and light so I try to use both to enhance my chosen subjects.

I live with my husband and dog in a rural area near Norwich in Norfolk, England. The landscape and skies here are certainly inspiring but I paint whatever landscape inspires me on the day. I have hundreds of memories and reference photos from different parts of the UK and Europe to keep me inspired.

In 2009 I became a member of the Pastel Guild of Europe. Currently internet based, the Guild has been created to bring together pastel artists from all over Europe with the aim of raising the profile of pastel art in Europe. I was honoured to become a signature member in 2017.

My work has evolved from simply copying photos to being more creative with reference material. I still use photos as reference but am not constrained by the photo's limitations. I also use my experiences, memory and emotions in creating my art.

Welcome to the March Get Dusty competition! This month's category is 'Landscape', the challenge is a 'Coastal scene'. Show us where land meets sea and both interact. Rugged cliffs, wide bays, harbours are all part of the coastal landscape. Both, land and sea must be part of your entry, please do not enter a pure landscape or seascape.

Get some inspiration from the photo collage!

As usual, the challenge runs until March, 25. Each member may upload two paintings. 

The category for our February Get Dusty is 'Portrait/Figure', the challenge is 'Young child'. That includes babies and toddlers and ends with pre-schoolers i.e. five years would be our age threshhold for this challenge.

As usual, every member may upload up to two entries. Deadline is February, 25. Happy painting!