The PGE use January, 31st as a last payment date for all member fees.
The fees for last year have been adjusted for those who joined during the year. Apprentice member fee is 15 € and Journeyers + Signature members 30 € per year.
Members who haven't paid their fee until March, 1st will be disabled!

See you soon!

Happy New Year! 2021 is  over and it is time to choose 'Best of Get Dusty 2021´. All placed entries in the January to November competitions are eligible. Go to the folder 'Best of Get Dusty 2021' and have a look at our 30 beautiful entries. You have until the end of January to choose your favourite one. Please post your choice (only one) in the forum (follow the link after log in) or in the Facebook member page. The winning entry will be featured on our website and FB page. Happy voting!

Stephie Clark,  our judge for the October 2021 Get Dusty Competition has made her decision:

The winner is Jane Robbins with "Picking Prickly Pear". Congratulations! Jane receives a gift voucher.

picking prickly pear 20211110 1772179233

In second place is Dolores Saul PGE with "Firework"in third place is Ronald Hoppe with "Echeveria".

firework 20211120 1201377669 echeveria 20211111 2085504986

The PGE board wishes all its members a Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year 2022. Stay healthy and creative! 



Dorothea Schulz PGE, Ready for Christmas

Stephie Clark is a soft pastel obsessed artist from Australia working mostly in her country studio at home in Armidale. She divides her time between painting in her studio and teaching workshops both here in Australia and overseas in France. Stephie is best known for her free and flowing florals and fruits her style uninhibited by rules and boundaries. She is inspired by the nature and colours it produces. Stephie’s work has been featured in french magazine Practique des Arts and you can see her in action on her Patreon site. Stephie sells her art in her online shop around the world.

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