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 PGE Open Online Pastel 

Competition 2018

The PastelGuild of Europe rf is proud to announce its first ever Open Online Pastel Competition. We have enlisted three well-known pastel artists as judges and offer 2000€ in prize money and hundreds more in art materials or vouchers. Our sponsors are UART, PanPastel, Gordan Becin and Victor4Art.

Get Dusty July/August 2018- Free choice

Like every summer, our GET DUSTY is a free choice competition. It runs until August, 25th at 00:00C ET. Every member can upload 3 paintings!

Please remember the rules before you upload:

1. Your photo has to be 800px on the long side; smaller sizes will be disqualified.

A portrait of an old woman

Our guest judge Giselé Hurtaud has choosen the winner; it is Jan Hargood with 'Mum´. This is a beautiful, sensitive painting and a worthy winner; congratulations! Jan wins a set of Premium Sanded Pastel Paper from our sponsor UART.

mum 20180604 1401292971

In second place is Dorothea Schulz PGE with 'Lao Wang'. In third place is Michele Ashby with 'Viewing the viewer'.

This month we have a joint winner! Ruth Mann PGE and Dorothea Schulz PGE both got the exact same amount of points from the board jurors for 'Gone swimmin' and 'My Chinese pearls'. Congratulations! Both win a set of sanded paper from our sponsor UArt! In third place is Dolores Saul PGE with 'Transparent summer'. There will be no honourable mentions this month, due to the small number of entries.


See all entries in the Get Dusty Competition Gallery.

The jury comments will be published in the Spring Scribbler 2018.

Meet the winners on their websites. Dorothea Schulz PGE and Ruth Mann PGE, congratulations!