Announcing the winners of the GET DUSTY PGE Open Online Pastel Competition 2020

We are happy to reveal the winners of the PGE Open Online Pastel Competition 2020. We were very impressed by the quality of the submitted works. Of the 355 paintings submitted by 104 artists, 24 were choosen for an award by our international judges. We thank Daggi Wallace PSA, Tony Allain PSA, Sharron Blackmore and Dominique Houard for their work which cannot have been easy!

We also thank our sponsors UArt Sanded Pastel Paper, PanPastel, Gordan Becin Softpastels, Schmincke Pastels and for their contributions to the prizes.

And the winners are...

The Gordan Becin Award goes to Shaofei Yu, 1st place in category Still Life with "Plato Hold The Opera Flag"!

46223 plato hold the opera flag 10152020030 98776

The PanPastel Award goes to Isla Ferrer, 1st place in category Animal with "Milo"!

46223 milo 10262020148 81676

The Award goes to Roger Holmes, 1st place in category Landscape with "Rising Tide At Portwrinkle"!

46223 rising tide at portwrinkle 10302020558 98865

The Schmincke Award goes to Fabang Pei, 1st place in category Portrait/Figure with "Farewell Song"!

46223 farewell song 10920202211 963471

The UART-Award, choosen by PGE, goes to Yael Maimon with "Getting Fresh Air"!

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LANDSCAPE (including Seascape, Cityscape and Interior)



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