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The purpose of the Pastel Guild of Europe is to strengthen connections and friendships between pastel artists across Europe, to inform, enjoy and delight in the beautiful artist's medium of pastels, and to be a support and resource for artists and groups of artists.
You are warmly welcome to join the PGE. We use guild ranks for the different membership levels. Any person who is 18 years of age, and agrees to the above statement, is welcome to become an Apprentice member. This is an associate, not a full membership. The fee is 15€/year.This level is meant for beginners who are learning the medium and/or learning to paint, for supporters, or for those who want to try out membership in the Guild. The Journeyer (a gender neutralized form of journeyman) level is for the artist who aims to be professionally serious about their art and have attained certain skills with the medium. This is a juried membership. A Signature member is a highly skilled pastellist who has contributed to the PGE. This is also a juried membership. Journeyer and Signature members pay 30€/year.

We have a monthly members-only online competition, the Get Dusty (holiday periods excluded). The winner will feature on the frontpage of our website and on our FB page. The winner also gets his/her own forum thread. He/She receives a prize of pastels or pastel paper, a nice certificate and a winner article in our online magazine, the Pastel Scribbler.

Beginning with Sunday June 5, 2022, registration is no longer possible on this website. Please go to our new website to subscribe!

For renewal of your membership you can use

PayPal > This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or make a bank transfer to:

The PastelGuild of Europe rf

Bank:Kvevlax Sparbank

IBAN: FI80 4958 0010 0914 64


Printable small flyer (14,5x21cm/ DIA5)  for your workshops or promoting.


Associate membership

All welcome. Fee: 15 Euro/year

To join PGE, click on 'Subscription to a PGE - Membership'. Follow the steps given. Do try to pay immediately; if we do not receive payment within two weeks, your registration will be cancelled. When we have received your payment, your membership will be approved, and you will have access to the website.

Benefits :


Journeyer membership

A juried membership level. Fee: 30 €/year

Applicants for journeyer membership must send their application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with images of three paintings (JPG format only, minimum length or width 800 pixels, size minimum 300kb).
Associate members can apply for Journeyer level any time during the year. If accepted, the difference between the Associate fee and the Journeyer fee will have to be paid by applicant. The system calculates this on a pro rata basis. When/if you are granted the Journeyer membership, you will get information about how to proceed, and you will be given the means to upgrade your member level in your profile/subscriptions.



Same as above, with the below additions:
A personal gallery  with 6 images of artwork

Voting right in the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Eligible to committees

Eligible to board; for specifications, see PGE bylaws

Eligible to Signature membership

Membership via PGE of IAPS (International Association of Pastel Societies). Journeyer Members may enter IAPS shows and contests. Be sure to sign up for the IAPS newsletter on the IAPS site!


Welcome to submit tutorials, demos and advertise for workshops


Signature membership

A juried membership level. Fee: 30€/year

A PGE Signature member not only has to be an experienced and highly skilled pastellist, but someone who actively contributes to PGE by sitting on committees, writing articles, moderating in the forum, helping with the website, finding sponsors etc.This type of membership has to be earned. The board will meet once a year and consider which journeyer members deserve to be promoted to signature status. The candidates will then be contacted and asked to apply by sending in an artist statement, listing their artistic achievements (winning the Get Dusty, being juried into exhibitions, teaching pastel painting etc.)The final decision will be made by a jury of members of the PGE board who will later be joined by PGE signature members.



add PGE to your signature

a bio page on the PGE website 

a personal gallery with 10 images of artwork