In 2020 we want to introduce a new kind of Free Choice Get Dusty. We are giving you a specific challenge, but you can choose the category. 

If you don‘t know what to paint, why not check out the reference photos in our Reference Photo Library? This is a collection of free reference photos from members for members. Or upload some of your photos for the benefit of others.

December 19/January 2020 Free choice- Closed!

Deadline January, 25, 2020


February 2020 - category: Portrait/Figure - challenge: A person dreaming or sleeping- Closed

Deadline February, 25, 2020

Can be a full/half figure or a portrait. No depiction of dreams, please!


March 2020 - category: Landscape - challenge: Skyscape-Closed

Deadline March, 25, 2020

The sky should take up more than 50% of the painting, it should be the main subject.


April 2020 - category: Animal - challenge: Black and White-Closed

Deadline April, 25, 2020

Any animals, which are black AND/OR white such as zebras, magpies, dalmatians, polar bears, arctic foxes, black bears etc.

May 2020 - category: Still Life/Florals - challenge: Spring Flowers-Closed

Deadline May, 25, 2020

Either flowers en plein air or in a bouquet; closeups of single blossoms are also allowed.


June 2020 - category: Portrait/Figure - challenge: In the kitchen- Closed

Deadline June, 25, 2020

A full or half figure of someone preparing a meal, chopping, cooking - or eating!


July/August 2020 - Free Choice - Window scenes- Closed

Deadline August, 25, 2020

You are free to choose the category: Light falling through windows into a room, scenes seen from a window, people or animals looking through windows, shop windows, a few objects, a flower pot or a vase of flowers on a window sill etc. Important: The window has to be part of your composition!

September 2020 - category: Landscape - challenge: Mountains- Closed

Deadline September, 25, 2020

A mountanious landscape as the main subject; it should take up at least half of the painting. 

October 2020 - category: Animal - challenge: Close up/ Details

Deadline October, 25, 2020

Paws, eyes, horns, feathers, fish scales etc.


November 2020 - category: Still Life - challenge: Objects which surround you

Deadline October, 25, 2020

 Things in your flat, house, studio, workshed, workplace etc.

December 2020/January 2021 - Free Choice - Blue

Deadline January, 25, 2021

You are free to choose the category (Still life/Floral, Landscape, Animal, Portrait/Figure), as long as your painting is about the colour 'Blue'.