Stephie Clark,  our judge for the October 2021 Get Dusty Competition has made her decision:

The winner is Jane Robbins with "Picking Prickly Pear". Congratulations! Jane receives a gift voucher.

picking prickly pear 20211110 1772179233

In second place is Dolores Saul PGE with "Firework"in third place is Ronald Hoppe with "Echeveria".

firework 20211120 1201377669 echeveria 20211111 2085504986

Honorable mention go to Alena Rachinger with "Succulents Party",Kerstin Birk with "Blooming Leaf Cactus" and Linda Kritskaya  with "Crassula".

succulents party 20211124 1918671834 blooming leaf cactus 20211125 1004634397

                              crassula 20211120 1652397146

Read all comments from Stephie Clark in our next Scribbler!

Congratulations to all who placed!
You can see all 21 entries in the Competition Gallery.
The judge's comments will be published in the next Scribbler.
Meet our winner on her website.